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Category Archives: How To Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Lice- And How To Get Rid Of Them Using Natural Methods?


With the evolution of the living beings different forms of animals, insects and different other kinds of stuff have evolved over time. One such way that is living yet is extremely hated by each and every other kind is the parasite. Parasites are exactly the things that nobody would love around them.

The parasites live off others. All they do is suck blood as well as livelihood out of the others. One such form of the parasite is the lice. The lice live on human hair and feeds of the blood of the head.

These are very troublesome and can cause serious sickness if not properly taken care of. Bees breed extremely fast, and it cannot be controlled at the correct time then definitely they are going to spread like an epidemic.

Removing them then become tough for a person. There are many natural ways, though, that helps a person from getting rid of the lice.

The natural remedies that may help:

There are many natural remedies that are available and will surely help people with getting rid of the lice. For individuals who want to know that how to get rid of lice naturally, for them the following points will be very much helpful:

Use of garlic: This is the very first point that will help a person in getting rid of the lice. People can be assured with garlic has a very strong odor that hardly any other life form can take. To use the garlic properly, people should ensure that they are using 8-10 cloves of garlic. They should make it into a paste and then mix it with the lime juice. After that, they should apply it to the hair from the roots. Keep it that way for half an hour and then rinse hair with the necessary hair accessories.

Use of neem oil: People can take the help of neem. The lice hate the idea of a bitter surrounding. And it is very much undeniable that the name has a strange odor of its own. This is probably the only reason why the use of neem can be very much helpful when it comes to removing of the lice successfully.

People can make neem oil using neem leaves along with baby oil or olive oil and then use them accordingly. What a person can actually do is apply the neem oil on the head and keep it that way for an hour or so and then rinse them off with their favorite shampoo.

Apart from these all, people can also use vinegar, petroleum jelly, mayonnaise to remove the lice from their heads.

The Other important measures:

People should necessarily remember to take the action immediately they feel that there are lice on their heads. Also, they should ensure proper cleaning of the lice manually till they are sure that the natural remedy for lice has worked out.

They should keep on applying the solutions and not stop at all till they are properly sure that each and every corner of the head is cleared off the lice.