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Tag Archives: Relief from the provocation of Lice

Do you want to get relief from the provocation of Lice?


Might be you are puzzled with the lice. All time you are supposed to feel irritation with those louses which are giving you troubles on your head.

It would be too pathetic for you. It makes up one’s abode on the skull, and it sucks blood as their food. So, how dangerous is it for your health?

From where is it coming?

It is a very common question but important. Children are severely affected by it. When they are in the school, sports or playground, they carry it from others. The people who do not clean their hair regularly or getting dust every day, they invite the lice to live on their head without knowing.

Sometimes, if someone has carried it on the skull at home, others will be affected very soon. Ask me why? Very simple, we are using the same combs, clothes, and bed. Gradually it appears to another place but of course with lay eggs. So, it randomly scatters all around the skull.

It starts to fret, and you would become irritated. It brings the large fluctuation by which you would not able to do anything with peacefully.

Another important matter is this as it spreads very quickly, you would not be able to expel or remove it promptly.

But you do not need to be a worry if you know how to get rid of lice naturally from the skull.

First, you can try with Garlic as it has a very strong aroma which can kill the lice.

Just take few garlic cloves and make them glue. Then you have to pour two to three teaspoons of lime flavor within the glue and then embed it on the head skull. Just keep it for few moments (20 minutes).

Even you can try for glue by mixing garlic, oil, lemon gist and fresh green tea. You have to engage it on your skull and wait for at least 30 minutes and clean the head properly.

Next, you can try with Baby Oil. At first, you have to pour some oil on the skull and then gently run the comb. Just after few times, you have to use the detergent. You will see a lot of lice has come out.

When you are going to the bed, you can pitch the vinegar and case it with a towel.

Next day, when you wake up, you just will clean your hair with shampoo.

But remember you have to do it few days regularly.
Another is Olive Oil, which also can help you to reduce the lice from your head.
Salt is also very useful for this adventure. You just make glue with vinegar with the proper measurement and gently push it on the skull. After 1 hour, you have to wash your head.

Another useful thing is petroleum jelly which also will help you to drive out the miserable lice from your head.
So, these are the natural way to get rid of lice.