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How to get rid of lice naturally – know the easy and simple home remedies!


Having healthy, voluminous and good-looking hair is a dream that everyone has. Some are born with this wish fulfillment, and some have to strive hard. Still, many can’t achieve this, as there are some hair problems that they have to deal with. Amongst them, the most prominent one is the problem of lice.

About the head lice:

The lice are a type of parasites that live in the human head, collecting their food from the scalp of the humans, by sucking blood. Hence, as a consequence, the nutrition for the hair goes destroyed, and the hair loses its shine and natural luster. If you want a healthy scalp and uninfected scalp and hair, it is a must that you get rid of them with the proper treatments and useful methods. Though there are chemical based medicines that work quite well in killing the lice, the natural remedies are more useful. They do not damage the hair, and the hair retains its beauty.

How do you get lice?

Before you know how to get rid of lice naturally, it is a must that you know how you get them. Lice can easily spread from an infected head to another. Sharing combs and brushes, coming into close contact with the infected persons, etc. can cause the lice to spread. Most of the time, children bring lice home by playing with infected friends in schools or playgrounds. Often, sleeping the pillows that an infected person used may also cause this.

Easy and simple home remedies to kill lice:

  • Use garlic:

The strong and pungent smell of garlic can make the lice extremely uncomfortable and also cause death. For that, you have to take about ten cloves of garlic and make a paste out of it. Mixing the paste with lime juice, the paste needs to be applied thoroughly to the scalp. After half an hour, it must be washed with hot water. The process should be repeated weekly for about two months.

  • Petroleum jelly:

This is a very useful trick in which you need to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the scalp. Cover the head with a shower cap or with a towel and leave it overnight. In the morning, comb the hair thoroughly with a lice comb and remove the dead lice. Also, eliminate the jelly with baby oil.

  • Mayonnaise:

Full-fat mayonnaise can suffocate the lice and cause them death. You need to apply the mayonnaise thoroughly and leave it on the scalp overnight. Shampoo your hair next morning and comb carefully.

  • Salt and vinegar:

Both work well on the lice to eradicate them. You need to mix equal amount of both these ingredients and apply it on the hair. Leave it overnight with the head covered tightly. Shampoo and condition the hair next day. This will help you to get rid of lice naturally.

All these are some of the most useful ways of removing lice from the head. If these are not available or if you are intolerant to garlic or vinegar, you can just choose any oil. Baby oil, olive oil, and even coconut oil works as useful as anything else and can help in naturally removing lice from the head.